Circle of Friends Merger Announcement

It seems like ages ago since we first launched our Circle of Friends website. The Reflective Designer has grown a great deal since then and so we saw that our dream of special privileges for our clients also must grow.

Simple ideas ask for simple solutions, but now that we have so much more to offer, packing all of that information into our former Circle of Friends site while maintaining a blog and our marketing site became less than optimal. After all, we never want to make you work hard to find the info you’re looking for or for the benefits you deserve to receive!

And so it was that we decided to revise our Reflective Designer website to bring together our Circle of Friends’ content and our blog while adding additional features and benefits. It’s very easy now for you to navigate through one cohesive space for all of your membership perks, Reflective Designer news and updates and industry trends and information.

One stop access to our quarterly journal,  COF showroom sample specials, and a dedicated area for our messages to you are just some of the improvements we’ll be making over the next few weeks.

We look forward to hearing what you think…please let us know!

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