“Do You Know Who I Am?”

“Do you know who I am?”  This, the question, asked repeatedly by obnoxious celebrities when inconvenienced by protocol.This is also the question that I want to ask my clients when we first meet.

Last evening, I hosted an event in my showroom which was for the benefit of designers. The theme was how designers could better translate the value they bring to their clients. It was suggested that designers learn to promote themselves by telling what their particular awards or skills were…not to be braggarts but rather to let clients know what sets them apart from others in the trade.

For instance, suppose I told you that I know someone who besides being a skilled designer with over 25 years of experience is:

  • an award winning painter of portraits, still life, and landscape
  • published internationally in instructional art books
  • has had work reproduced and marketed by Polaroid Corp.
  • is an artist member of the oldest art society in America, The Copley Society of Art
  • is a Continuing Education Faculty member at one of the most prestigious design/art schools in the country
  • is a member of ASID, the largest professional organization of interior designers in the nation
  • is an expert in the gilding and decorative painting arts

Would you want that person to help you design and decorate your home? Yes, I thought so…let me know and I will hook you up.

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