Getting serious

OK, so it would have been convenient for the Mayan prediction to come true…all those “to-do” things on your list would just have to wait…<LOL>. But since we are all still here, the list of tasks to be done is also still here, looking at us square in the eye.

Maybe this is the year you resolve to improve your house and pull it together. I know, there’s no time for this! No worries, that’s why you hire a professional. Not any professional though, one whom you trust implicitly. Designer services depend on a level of trust like no other. It is the only business I can think of whereby you purchase something which you do not see until the very end. It is easy to see why client and designer must have a mutual relationship of respect…if either side falls short, the equation breaks down.

So many of us (thanks to HGTV) have been conned into thinking “we got this”, “we can do this ourselves”. A false sense of security to be sure…if clients only knew what was running around in their designer’s head when making assessments they would be amazed. What you see on TV is very often not proper design and superficial at best. It is flash and constructed to make good TV, not good and long lasting comfort.

Let us take the worry, let us adequately explain the concept for accomplishing the goals you have set in your mind…then let us do our job. All you have to do is say that you either like it or not…and trust that it will be greater than the sum of the parts at the end. We will take rein over the fabrication, the details, the installation…you, the client, need only to embrace the ideas put forth by the designer. When you think about what we do, it is clear that we are artists who use devices like fabrics and furnishings to accomplish our goals. Artists communicate ideas through various media. Fabrics and furnishings are on the interior designer’s palette.

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