Top 10 reasons why we love shutters

1) They’re there, but they’re not:
Properly designed, scaled, and installed shutters will blend seamlessly with your casework

2) They magnify the amount of light entering your space:
Each louver becomes a reflective surface for directing light back into your home

3) When louvered open, shutters help to set up a convection current:
Borrowing design from tropical climates, light and shadow juxtaposed together create a circulation of air, helping to keep your home cool in warmer weather

4) Shutters meld with any style of decor
From traditional to contemporary, there is a shutter style to suit your home

5) Low maintenance:
Easy to keep clean, simply wipe with microfiber cloth or mild surface cleaner

6) Insulation, light control, sound abatement, and privacy in one package:
Shutters do it all

7) Virtually pet and child proof:
Shutters can take a great deal more wear and tear than fabric treatments

8) Adds value to your home:
Shutters are the only window treatment which are considered by lenders to be a capital improvement to your property

9) Great choice for those with allergies:
The smooth surface of a shutter will not hold dust as a fabric treatment might

10) Shutters are just nice to look at!

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