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elaine monaco, IDS, WCAA

designer – partner

One of my first memories is of my cherished box of Crayola crayons. Not the little 12 pack but the deluxe 64 crayon box with the built in sharpener! My mother surely loved me to give a gift which would shape my life. (Mothers always do that!) I don’t think that box ever left my side as I spent endless days drawing imaginary homes with colorful garden flowers. Who knew then that these endless hours spent would be the foundation for a lifelong passion?

My love of color led me to take formal studies in the fine arts at Montserrat College of Art. At Montserrat, I was able to focus my natural talent for color with the study of color theory. Bolstered by my happiness and success at Montserrat, the next step was to apply my color knowledge to interior design studies. I did so at Endicott College, also located in Beverly, MA.

Observation and an eye for detail have always been my strengths. I draw inspiration from my everyday surroundings; people, sounds, architecture and fashion. I guess this fundamental approach is what makes my work so meaningful for so many of my clients. The inspirations I draw from are those that everyday people can relate to…after all, my goal is to help my clients’ achieve the peaceful, relaxing, and happy spaces they can truly call “home”. I love my work!

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