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Joe Barnett, WCAA


I can scarcely believe it when I write these words, but it's incredible to think that I've been in the interior design business since I was 12 years old. My family owned a fabric business and I'd often accompany our professional installer on installations. I always loved watching him turn layers of fabrics and pieces of hardware into beautiful works of art. As I became more practiced, I was allowed to help. This hands-on experience helped me to become one of the industry's true experts.

By the time I was 16, I employed a large number of stitchers working out of their homes. It was a great way to give work to many skilled women who because of family obligations would have otherwise found holding a job difficult.

Since those early years, I've gone on to establish many friendships and professional alliances in the trade. I was a founding member of the Boston North Shore Chapter of WCAA (Window Fashion Association of America).

The importance that my friendships and alliances play in my business are a priority and extend to the relationships I have with my thousands of customers. My belief is that customer satisfaction and service is #1. In fact I've become so well known for my service that Hunter Douglas calls upon me and my company to solve problems other dealers cannot or are not willing to tackle. I consider that to be quite an honor and view each one of these challenges as an opportunity for making a new friend.

* Joe handles all of the reflective designers's interests and business development in Arizona.

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